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Triveni Textile offers a wide range of high-quality fabrics for garment, home textile, technical textile, and more. Triveni Textile looks forward to collaborating with both domestic and international partners, prioritizing mutual benefits and honest trade. 


At Triveni Textile, we specialize in providing top-notch cotton and rayon fabrics for diverse industries, including garment manufacturing, home textiles, and technical textiles. Our commitment to quality is evident in the fabrics we supply, which undergo meticulous dyeing, printing, and coating processes. Trust Triveni Textile for all your fabric needs and experience the difference that quality


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Fabric Dyeing

Innovations In Textile Technology Smart Fabric Dyeing

Textiles are materials made from fibers or yarn, and they range of products range

Stitch Fabric

Febric Products And Accessories

Fabiflex is a leading export textile service globally, with its rapid growth.

Web Fabric

Sustainable Production Textile Balancing

It can be very well produced using fiber, yarn, texture and dispached safely.


Extiles And Culture Exploring Role Textiles

Have been engaged with modern units for all requirements of design bleach.


We are initiating significant transformation from the outset of the supply chain.

Nowadays, the majority of the resources needed to make clothing, textiles, and fashion come from forests, farms, or fossil fuels. The purpose of Textile Exchange is to guarantee that the industry handles these resources with care.


Our goal is to create a worldwide production paradigm for fiber and materials that has a good influence on the environment.

Our main objective is to assist the fashion, textile, and garment sectors in lowering their greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by the year 2030 from the manufacturing of fiber and raw materials. We refer to it as Climate.



The largest selection of affordable prints produced in various styles.

At Trievni Textiles we are all the time concerned about the way we create wealth, the way we conduct our business and we try to be not just legally compliant but much more than that.

Price range has been set up by keeping an eye on a market and customer demands. As WE BELIEVE IN BUILDING RELATIONS, we provide our customers with the Top Notch Quality and Comfort with minimum price in our product which ensures durability and consumer satisfaction..


Firstly the cotton Yarn is sent under knitting Process to produce Cloth followed by the Dying & Washing of the Cloth


Size & Shape is given to the cloth according to the requirement by the Cutting Experts


Cloth is Stitched using the Advance Machinary with the high quality threads

If we don’t monitor our advancement, we won’t be able to confidently meet our Climate+ target. To assist us focus our actions on where we need to go next and identify where progress has been made thus far, we are compiling the data that supports our efforts.

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